Super Bowl Wagering Is Just A Part Of The Pageantry

When the Super Bowl wagering starts, keep one thing in mind: it is not always the favorites who win. It only took the third Super Bowl for the underdogs to pull off a stunning upset when the 18-point underdog Jets beat the Colts by 9 points. The parity in the NFL means that betting on the underdogs and taking the points is a pretty good wagering strategy. Parity in the league occurred when the NFL implemented their own strategy to make it easier for weaker teams to succeed in the league. This was done by a combination of a salary cap, making it harder for wealthy teams to hoard all of the talent in the league, and giving teams with a poor record an easy schedule, and successful teams a hard schedule.

A look at the teams who have made the Super Bowl in the past since parity was implemented will give you a pretty good idea that the strategy is working. Before parity, the teams who made the Super Bowl were always the same cast of characters: the Dolphins, Steelers, 49ers, Cowboys, Broncos, Giants, Redskins, and Raiders, just to name a few.

However, since the NFL put parity into play it has been common to see teams who had a terrible year and had never been in the Super Bowl, making an appearance. The historically woeful Saints, Ravens, Falcons, Titans, and Panthers not only made it to the big game, but with the exception of the Falcons, won the Super Bowl. Before parity when there were often huge blowouts in the game, a good Super Bowl wagering strategy was to take the over, or bet that the favorite would win by more than the point spread indicated. However, these days, if you do some simple research, the most popular wagering strategy is to take the underdog and the points. When you look at how many staggering upsets have occurred in the 45-year history of the Super Bowl, and most of them in more recent times, you can see it makes sense to wager in such a manner.

Of course there are countless other betting opportunities that require less research and are quite fun in their own right. You can wager on the opening coin toss, or who makes the first tackle, scores the first touchdown, and you can even bet on the halftime entertainment. This year Madonna is the halftime entertainment, and you can be sure that if you want to place a bet on what song she sings first, you will be able to. In fact, there was even wagering taking place when The Who played at halftime several years ago on how many times guitarist Pete Townsend would windmill his arm when striking huge chords on his guitar. No matter who makes it to the big game on February Fifth, the only sure bet is that there will be heavy Super Bowl wagering taking place again this year, adding to the fun and pageantry of the event.

NFL Wagering

There are some important points to consider in sports wagering, specifically in NFL wagering. One of them is NFL wagering picks. NFL picks are pieces of information which specialist on NFL make while analyzing games, teams, past games, players and all factors that can make an effect on the outcome of a game.

Picks can be general or deep in specific details of an event. Anyone interested in NFL sports wagering should look up for some picks from anyone possible. Maybe you have a friend that watches all games and can have some kind of precise prediction? Maybe you have a friend who is a doctor and by remembering the injury that a player had, knows for sure that he won’t play as the same level as he used too, or maybe you are ready to pay in websites where handicapping experts lists their picks constantly. Whatever the way you can get a pick, try to get it, trust me it will help you on your NFL wagering decision.

When wagering on football with an Offshore Sportsbook, remember to that the wisest decision is based not only on picks, nfl odds or general opinion, it is based on your common sense and the plan you have developed.

NFL football wagering can be real fun. Obviously you will loose some times, but take that as learning experience so you can have a better judgment the next game. Still, watching the game is lots of fun, and better yet with your friends or family. NFL football wagering just gets you to another level of excitement and understanding of the game while winning money

When is a Hockey Game Considered Official For Sports Betting Purposes?

Hockey games don’t have to go full regulation play for wagers to have action. Games must be played on the date and location scheduled for bettors to have action on the game. Hockey games are played mostly at indoor arenas so no worry about games being called during play due to in climate weather. Recently the NHL has introduced the NHL Winter Classic. The NHL Winter Classic is scheduled on New Year’s Day and played outdoors at large football or Major League Baseball stadiums. The NHL has a backup plan if the game is postponed due to weather. Both teams have an off day on January 2nd to accommodate the rescheduling of the game at the home teams indoor arena. If the game is rescheduled or does not go the required 55 minutes, sports bettors will have no action on their wager and will be given a full refund. Hockey games are played during the winter months in the NHL and games can be cancelled if a team cannot travel to the site of the game due to in climate weather.

When an NHL bettor makes a bet at a Las Vegas or online sportsbook they are likely to be making a wager on the money line or a total. A money line wager can be a bit confusing at first to novice bettors. Here is an example how a sports bettor will find an NHL game displayed at a Las Vegas or online sportsbook:

Los Angeles Kings +130
Detroit Red Wings -150

The game is displayed in the money line betting format. The + money is the underdog and the – is the favorite. If a sports bettor would like to bet on the Kings for every $100 they bet they will win $130 plus receive back their $100 wager for $230 total. If the sports bettor wants to bet on the Detroit Red Wings they would have to bet $150 to win $100.

NHL bettors may also bet on a total. A total is defined as the total number of goals scored by both teams. Sports gamblers must choose whether the total number of goals scored by both teams combined will be over or under the total posted at the sportsbook. For games that require a shootout, only one goal will be awarded to the winning team when determining the final score regardless of how many goals are scored during the shootout round. For betting purposes the goal awarded to the winning side in the shootout will count in the official betting total between the combined squads.

Puck line betting is also offered by Las Vegas and online sportsbooks. Puck lines are very similar to run line betting on Major League Baseball. Oddsmakers will set odds based on a 1 ½ goal head start for the money line underdog and a 1 ½ goal deficit to the money line odds favorite. Often times the favorite role and underdog roles are reversed for betting purposes on puck lines. On puck lines oddsmakers will set a favorite giving a 1 ½ goal head start to one side and a 1 ½ goal deficit to the other squad. Money line odds will be attached for each betting side. Here is an example how sports bettors will see puck lines displayed at Las Vegas or online sportsbooks.

Los Angeles Kings +1.5 (-200)
Detroit Red Wings -1.5 (+175)

Those who would like the Los Angeles Kings will get a 1-½ goal head start but now must bet $200 to win $100. A bet on the Detroit Red Wings will have Detroit playing with a 1-½ goal deficit and a $100 bet on the Red Wings will return $175. The Kings must now win by 2 goals to win the bet and Detroit bettors will win if Detroit wins the game outright or loses the game by 1 goal. A loss by 2 goals by Detroit will lose the puck line bet for those betting on the Red Wings.

In addition to wagers on the whole game, all third period wagers include results from overtime. Games are official for wagering purposes after 55 minutes of play. The best practice followed by professional bettors is to thoroughly read the terms and conditions posted for bettors at each establishment.